Saturday, June 23, 2007


You might have noticed that I have not posted any heavy-duty commentary lately. I have some other things going on in my life that are requiring my attention. I hope to find the time soon to finish a post I have been working on, meanwhile….

Romeo Macapobre has once again found a gem and posted it to Athiesthaven. This one comes from Carl’s Rants, entitled “Creation Museum: Because Our Kids Aren’t Stupid Enough.

I know I have commented on WordPress before, but today they aren’t liking my user ID, so I’ll comment here. One of Carl’s commenters asks, what are we to do? He points out that extremism usually begets extremism, and questions the ethics of forcing the shutdown of this retarded bullshit. My answer is, that a head-to-head confrontation of that kind is a waste of time. The perpetrators of the Creation Museum scam would bleat like stuck pigs about their right to free speech in pursuit of their objective of fleecing the gullible and deluded sheeple. It is not necessary to silence these bullshit artists. If they want to rave on like inmates in a locked ward, let them. Our purpose is better served by contradicting their unending river of infomercial-like bullshit with a steady stream of derision, and facts that contradict the delusional picture that they are endlessly painting. Those that live in a superstitious world where magic beings control their lives are too far gone to save from themselves. Our only hope is to reach those that have not yet decided to check their brains at the door of the temple in exchange for the emotional masturbation and freedom from responsible adulthood that they receive inside.

As for Carl…. If I met a girl who could talk like that, back when I was an impressionable teenager, I think I would have developed a crush on the spot. That’s how much I admire the ability to creatively and precisely use foul language. I nominate Carl for the coveted Molten Silver Tongue Award.


At 12:44 PM, Blogger Pixelation said...

How do these people get high school diplomas? How in the world can you get a G.E.D. when you still think dinosaurs and humans coexisted?

That's what we should do: make biology a required subject in early grades. In my system, it would be from sixth grade on.

We wouldn't reach the hardcore fundies, but at least we'd inform the populace as a whole, making the creationist propaganda far less effective.

At 3:01 PM, Blogger breakerslion said...

Pix! Nice to hear from you again! My system would make a course in Logic and Philosophy mandatory by the sixth grade. I know it would vex parents if their kids could argue successfully, but the trade off would be kids who could think for themselves. Unfortunately, the politico-religious machine would never stand for that, and the whole thing would bog down into some boring history lesson about dead philosophers. If you actually teach kids in public schools, it's reason for dismissal. Too controversial!

At 8:20 PM, Blogger BEAST FCD said...

Creation Museums......ha ha ha ha ha.

I actually thought a museum tabulating the history of porn would actually serve more in terms of educating the public, but I digress.

The idea that Man could somehow saddle and ride a triceratops (No kidding, I saw one of the photos of a kid (dubbed the flintstone kiddo)riding one, and that tyrannosaurs can somehow munch veges with their fearsome teeth.....well maybe I am stupid, but I ain't buying it.

Other nonsense, such as the biblical flood carving out miles of grand canyons....well, who the hell am I? God works in mysterious ways (Throws hands in air, rolls back eyes)!!!

At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christians thrive on derision. They love the idea of being a martyr. That is why some of them come over to athiest blogs all the time; to get slapped around.

You are right that head to head confrontation is a waste of time. Christians in this mode just take that as proof that the devil really is attacking them. & they just become further intrenched in superstition.
Besides this Creation Museum is only a justifacation for their beliefs, anyway, so locic & reason dosen't work on them either.

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Kristine said...

Tag! You're it!

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Romeo Morningwood said...

Great review. I had to laugh because we have one in Canukistan in Alberta which is our version of Texas.
Yes the saddle on the raptor will yabba dabba do ya in every time. Why Eve is dressed in a 17th century gown is as misleading as the rest of this ...what the hell is this anyway it isn't a museum.

I know that the price of democracy is constant vigilance but having to safeguard established scientificky knowledge in the 21st century is getting to be quite tedious.

I guess that the new Steve Carell movie Evan Almighty, suckling once again off of Noah's story Arc, will offer the 50% or 60% of Americans who actually believe in the Great Floody Floody, a chance to go back to the theatres. Awww.

I guess that all we can do is wait for the rapture and hope that it comes asap so that we can get rid of these knuckleheads.

At 7:52 PM, Blogger BEAST FCD said...


I have just meme-tagged you. Check out my post at:


At 8:57 AM, Blogger breakerslion said...

Two tags on one post! I better get busy!

At 8:47 PM, Blogger Kristine said...

So, do dinosaurs go to Heaven, Homo Escapeons? ;-)

The saddle on the Triceratops is an English show saddle, even better! 'Cause they had dino shows back in them Bible days, rather than making the poor beasts actually do any work.

Yep, get to work, Breakerslion!


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