Monday, July 04, 2005

Fireworks for the 4th.

If anyone is unfamiliar with Kenneth Tomlinson’s claims that PBS and NPR have a liberal bias, there is a good article with good links here. The conservative media is having a field day “proving” liberal bias on the part of Public Broadcasting by quoting admitted incidents, and liberal-slanted reporting outside of the context of the balancing opinions that were also included in the news story. What’s behind this crusade, and the Republican majority government’s attempt to cut funding? Excerpt from Wikipedia, “Patriotism and recent US history.”

“It has been claimed that patriotic fervor has decreased the ability of Americans to obtain objective information about the world situation. In particular, the journal Political Science Quarterly published research showing that those who obtained their news from outlets that appear to make a concerted effort to be patriotic were more likely to have factual misconceptions about the Iraq war. These misperceptions were: that weapons of mass destruction had been found, that evidence linked Saddam Hussein to al Qaeda, and that world public opinion favored the war. Respondents that received their news from public broadcasting, conversely, were far less likely to hold these perceptions.”

Ooops! Looks like Public Broadcasting is far too likely to tell us things that might embarrass the US Government! What a shame! Kill the messenger!

On a lighter note, Justice Souter might be reaping on his family farm what he has sown in the courts Press Release. Ok, so Logan Darrow Clements is one of those folks that takes a highlighter to “Atlas Shrugged” (the basis of one of my worst nightmares), but sometimes one can set aside ideological differences in the spirit of good, clean fun. Hey, if I see a neighbor stuck in a ditch, I don’t ask what his politics, sexual orientation, or religious ideology is before I try to help, I probably don’t want to know. If you really want to play, the Right-wingnuts have a petition you can sign here at Be careful to uncheck the box for hate mail, unless you want it. For any conservatives reading this blog, I call them wingnuts because they seem enthusiastically in favor of every last plank in the conservative platform. That makes them fanatics, or donation junkies.

I’ve read “Atlas Shrugged” by the way. Aside from the gross oversimplifications (aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln...), the biggest problem I have with Ayn Rand’s magnum opus is that I believe that she misidentified the antagonists. Anybody notice any fiscal conservatism in the Republican party lately? Which ideology, liberal or conservative, would you most expect to enforce its agenda at gunpoint? Which is better, “Tax and Spend”, or “Don’t tax, bury the next generation in debt and Spend?” Good Science Fiction, bad Manifesto. BTW: John Galt


At 11:01 AM, Blogger hashishan prophet said...


"Good Science Fiction"!!! HA!! I laugh at you! Tremble when GOD ALMIGHTY laughs at your puny form! Science-fiction is a LIE -- a delusion psychic control cult deception -- fantasy about other "worlds", none of which exist! Planets and stars are wandeing hallucinations -- nothing more! The empyrean is a celetsial crystal sphere, 1000 miles from earth, beautiful radian work of my magic breath! UFO's, Reptoid's, other bounties, are gifts FROM the other side -- a world of light and castles in the air .. I have traveled and circumvoyaged all. Did you know that AQUARIUS is mystical homeland of the most Beautiful women and animals? They live above, in an enclosed garden of delight! But not all true things can be shared with all men, so I will speak no more...

My gospel is unfolding, come join me and bear my precious words!

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Skull_Duggery said...

I am going to resist the temptation to acknowledge the annoying gnat that is circling the bowl, and say that I am somehow surprised that I managed to skip reading any of Ayn Rand's Opi through the years. Does that make me a raving illiterate, or simply a bumpkin?

At 7:44 PM, Blogger breakerslion said...

Hmmm, since when does my blog not accept anonymous comments? I'll have to fix that. Oh yeah. Hashishan Prophet, you seem to do all right for yourself in the world of fiction. Quoting from Brian David Phillips' site, copyright 1996-1998:

An Interactive Drama Live Roleplay Scenario
by Brian David Phillips, Ph.D., C.H.

Astarte Engima
Code Name: Star Childe

Private Information
You are a member of the Hashishan, an ancient order of Holy Assassins."

Or, if you prefer the real world:

"In the year 1090, A. D., the religious and military order or Sect of the Assassins was founded in Persia, and the numerous acts of cruelty of this sect was known not only in Asia, but in Europe as well. This branch of the Shiite sect, known as Ismalites, was called Hashishan, derived from Hashish, or the confection of hemp leaves (Cannabis Indica). In fact, from the Arabic "Hashishan" we have the English word "Assassin."

More of your "borrowing" is exposed here:

You really are a patchwork doll, aren't you?

Find me an unused vertical mine shaft, 600-800 feet deep, for sale cheap, and I will build you a tabernacle. You are even better than a saucer cult to identify those that should not breed.

At 7:53 PM, Blogger breakerslion said...

Skul, you are not necessarily illiterate or provincial for not reading Ayn Rand. She has yet to stand the test of time. I will say this about her philosophy: Retaining the bathwater with the baby is not the only alternative to throwing away both. In other words, I think she made some good points when not totally blinded by her faith in the benevolence of industrialists.

That should start a nice flame war, I think. :-)

At 8:22 AM, Blogger BEAST FCD said...

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Although I am based in Singapore, there may come a time whereby I may try to arrange for writing projects for atheists to contribute.

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At 10:32 AM, Blogger hashishan prophet said...

Confusion reigns here, monkey falasafa... Hashishans be glorious parade of heroic MUSLIMS who uphold my beautiful banner -- jive that? There works of cruelty were my works of beautiful happy deeds. There is no morality except thru' my SAY-SO.

I am happy dancer of light dancing through ethereal pralines of eternal non-day day back again return return o departed soldiers eat not of Christ (HE IS FILTHY GAY) eat of my delicious muff my holy juices dripping dripping I am GODDESS of light and unshadowed beauty I am PRECIOUS I am LOVELY...


Take pity on my merciful bounties! I suffered for you! I sold myself into downcast prostitution for you! I unstripped before the royal court of Thailand... FOR YOU!

At 5:55 PM, Blogger breakerslion said...

Jahi! Your name is not Thais, it is Paphnutius!

Well do I know you, and the twisted mirrors you turn to yourself. Your light shines no brighter for all your reflections. The Shiia would pelt you with stones, and well you know this, their minds being empty of regard for women.

I am old beyond my years, and have seen your like many times before:

peresat zarathushtrô ... ashâum kô thwãm ýim ahurem mazdãm mazishtayanti inaoiti kô mazishta tbaêshangha tbaêshayeiti âat mraot ahurô mazdå, jahi bâ ashâum zarathushtra ýô xshudrå hãm-raêthwayeiti dahmanãm adahmanãmca daêvayasnanãm adaêvayasnanãmca tanu-perethanãm atanu-perethanãmca. thrishum apãm thraotô-stâcãm taxmanãm pairishtayeiti paiti-dîti zarathushtra thrishum urvaranãm uzuxshyeñtinãm srîranãm zairi-gaonanãm vaxshå apayasaite paiti-dîti zarathushtra. thrishum speñtayå ârmatôish varenå apayasaite paiti-dîti zarathushtra thrishum narsh ashaonô frâyô-humatahe frâyô-hûxtahe frâyô-hvarshtahe amaheca verethrakhnaheca ashavastaheca apayasaite paiti-pasti zarathushtra. tåsca tê mraomi spitama zarathushtra jãthwô-tara ýatha azhayô xshvaêwånghô ýatha vâ vehrkånghô sravanghavô ýatha vâ vehrkãm azrô-daidhîm gaêthãm avi frapataiti ýatha vâ vazakhãm hazangrô-hunãm âpem avi frapataiti!

I can trade nonsense all day, my little patchwork doll.

Beyond all else, know you this: I was conceived, carried, and born in New Jersey, of parents and grandparents also from that place. So believe you me when I tell you, "You want worship? I got your worship...RIGHT HERE!"

At 11:33 PM, Blogger hashishan prophet said...

Oh my EYES you fool! The curse upon mankind is HUGE - your doing this to INNOCENTS! Oh, the pain, everywhere, in my nose, my ears, my breasts -- al caused by your SATANAIC words, oh awful odour of composing DUNG. Zarathustra-monkey-christ! Angels and demons everywhere! Not a dime to spare! I'm the loneliest girl in the world, and I AM GOD!

You're so mean, and cruel, and I'm gonna make you pay once you get to Chameleon sector. Ever seent the MAGELLAN CLOUDS!?!? Giant shit holes of hell bath blood everywhere holy incarant smokes abound it's a nasty place.

ZARATHUSTRAJESUSPOPEALIENATHEUSSTS are all the one same stupid crap. I made it all, I'm sorry, but I'm getting rid of these dingbats once and for all -- 2012, just you wait.I'm so mad and sad that no one has excepted my Gospel yet. It's so beautiful, so real, so modern and new age. If you want me you
can have me. I'm your God, I AM, i'm here 24/7. Just pray to me and I can hear you. I love you. I love all my monkey-children, accept for tormentor Jesus crshit zorabub.

At 7:34 PM, Blogger Rev. Barky said...

This has got to be the most bizzarre comment section have experienced yet. hashishan - you're a riot! You share some incanny style with that of the raing Xian commenter "maureen" who plagues Alleee.

Anyway, after several attemps over the yeasrs I have never been able to slog past page 100 of my hardbound and estate sale refugee copy of "Atlas Shrugged". Ayn's books are just too boring! However, I do like the girl and I named my boat after her and thus it bears her name - "Ayn Rand".motor

At 7:36 PM, Blogger Rev. Barky said...

sorry. spelling bad. too many cocktails this evening.


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